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First I was a baby. An overachieving baby. This never changed. I’m smiling on the outside, but inside I’m planning to make my mark on the world. I start with crayons on the wall, but soon learn there are better ways to make one’s mark.

Then I went to school for thirteen years. And I loved school. Loved loved loved school. (See the love?) —>


I was the first one in my family to go to college. I went to Wittenberg U and studied history, English, and education. I taught high school English and history for a dozen years. And I was a really, really good teacher. Just ask my students. Who, by now, probably have grandchildren. (Sigh.)

Then I became an editor (although teaching high-school English and history was a lot like being an editor, red pens and all—again, ask my students). I started as an associate editor at School Book Fairs/Pages Publishing Group, and gradually moved up to VP & Publisher there. After it was sold to Scholastic, I became the managing editor of a new teen magazine, Guideposts for Teens. Next, I moved into the field of educational publishing at SRA/McGraw-Hill, working with elementary reading books and programs. When offered the opportunity to start a brand-new publishing house, I thanked my lucky stars and created Darby Creek Publishing, a very successful trade publisher. I loved helping create the kinds of books that readers just had to have, especially when I was the editorial director at Darby Creek Publishing (now owned by Lerner).

In 2009 I started a new adventure: my own social media/book packaging/website and content development company, School Street Media. I get involved in social media, which keeps me in touch with some of the best kids’ and YA books and authors in the business today.

I write a lot of nonfiction and bits of fiction, poetry, and educational materials for companies, including McGraw-Hill Education. I love writing these targeted, prescriptive pieces that bring out both the writer and the teacher in me. Yes, I actually enjoy meeting educational objectives and editing to zero in on the right Lexile® level. And I’m really, really good at it.

I also provide editorial and consulting services to writers, publishers, packagers, and individuals interesting in learning about the publishing business.

Finally, I have a team of super-cool young adults who will build you a website. We love building websites! Contact us if you need some help with yours.

You can read more about the books I’ve written on the My Books page.

So that’s my story. The business part, anyway.

You can read more personal thoughts and some book reviews on my blog

To get in touch, you can find me on Facebook or send an email to editortanya(at)gmail(dot)com.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I enjoyed your Paradise blogs. I’m wondering if I might “swipe” the Paradise pictures. My mother was born in Paradise (1888) and, if she could have had her way, would have been buried there (1988). I never lived there but I’ve always had a fascination for the place. I’ve been “doing” genealogy for over 25 years. My Smiths and Stoms were the first settlers. I’m not related to the Buchanans but have corresponded through the years with some of their decendants. Might have even exchanged a letter or two with you! Are you familiar with the Muhlenberg genealogy site Muhlenberg.genealogenie? Just Google it if you are interested. Please let me know about the pictures. Many thanks. Dorann Lam

    1. Hi Dorann,
      I’m happy to let you share the photos if you be sure to credit me with them and not sell them. Of course, the old photos are public domain and I got those from a librarian in Greenville, KY. I am getting really involved in the Muhlenberg families. Mine were the Wests, Buchanans, Kimmels, and Campfields. I will check out the site you mentioned. If you ever do get to go there, please be sure to stop by the Muhlenberg County Public Library in Greenville, specifically their history/genealogy annex. Terrific people and lots of materials.

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